25/1/16 — Australia Day approaches. More tossers waving flags. Nationalism; what a stupid concept! Let's draw an imaginary line on a map and say these people are separate from the people outside that line. Every year it's "Celebrate Australia!" Why is the national day of celebration set on the anniversary of Captain Cook landing in Botany Bay and subsequently fucking up a lot of people's lives, introducing smallpox, actual massacres and all but wiping out the indigenous people… yeah, what a great day to set the national celebration on. Why isn't it January 1, for when the states decided to come together and federate. As stupid as I think the idea of states and nations and imaginary boundaries are, at least making that 'Australia Day' would actually be celebrating something that isn't on the same day as the beginning of mass slaughter of indigenous people by the British. I'll continue to call it what it is, Invasion Day, until it gets moved or whatever. Who cares anyway, it's just another unnecessary state-sanctioned event.

19/1/16 — I have a love/hate relationship with writing down these thoughts. I've had bursts of documenting what I was thinking at the time. On one hand, I find it incredibly pretentious to write down what I'm thinking as if it really matters at all. But on the other hand, I find it somewhat cathartic and a good way to process things. That's about as much value as I put on my thoughts. They don't mean shit, they exist in the moment and then they're gone, but they help me make sense of things, so I guess they do mean something. I used to write in a physical journal, I bought this expensive blank Moleskine book to write stuff in, but I ended up ripping out the pages and burning it after reading it back.